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Will the DLC require a HD?


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Alright. I'm getting this game and have to choose between buying either an Xbox or a PS3.


However, I'm a bit short on disposable income and therefore the Xbox is looking tempting. Even more so due to the DLC of course.

But since the DLC will have to be stored on something after all, I'm guessing the cheapskate version with only 256mb flash memory isn't going to cut it.

If that's the case, then the PS3 is suddenly looking like the better option with slightly better graphics and, from what I've read, being a sturdier machine overall.


So help me out here. Will the cheapest Xbox have access to DLC or will a HD be necessary?

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You'll be downloading a file of several hundred megabytes, what do you think?


I can't believe you're actually asking this question....and why would the PS3 look better? It doesnt even get all of the DLC...

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Heh... alright, fair enough. Just making sure.


And I'd be tempted to get the PS3 instead as the price difference between the midrange Xbox and the 40gb PS3 isn't huge.

From what I've been able to find, I'd get a relatively quiet machine that is less likely to suddenly succumb to inexplicable hardware failure. That's worth the 50 or so Euro extra I'd have to cough up for the PS3.


The DLC, whatever it ends up as, is 10 hours of gameplay. That much we know. It's nice, but not a dealbreaker.

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cold fusion 33

Get the PS3, you'd probably be better off in the long run

Changeable HDD

-More reliable

-PSN is free


And all the other shiz that a fanboy will come and start shouting about soon.

I have a 360 by the way biggrin.gif.

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Is it possible to store the downloaded files ona data pen and just whack it in every time you wish to play GTA.

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