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Midnight Release


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What is the Midnight Release going to be like?

I've never been to one before.

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A lot of sweaty fat kids and anime nerds standing around outside a game store. In that group will be evenly spaced gang members who aren't happy being seen standing around with a bunch of nerds. There will be a few nerds that try to be the center of attention, they may do things like, chant, re-enact past GTA moments...etc. If you are one of them you will be far more comfortable than if you are not.

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Walk in, butt infront of everyone...get game..leave

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It is going to be crazy!!! Bring something in case you get bored. I made that mistake when I went to bestbuy at 10:00pm on the night before black friday. The store didnt open till 5:00am. . . . . . I wanted to shoot myself suicidal.gif !

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