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Collection of all editorial reviews


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These are all the pre-release reviews of Grand Theft Auto IV I could find. I found 36 scores from 35 different sources. The game receives 26 perfect scores out of 36 scores. The lowest score is a 9,5/10. The average score is a 9,9/10.


PS: I don't count Games Aktuell (Germany) --/--, PlayStation 3 Magazine France (France) 20/20 and Jeux Vidéo Magazine (France) 166/200 because they were actually previews or reviews based on hands-ons.


List of professional reviews



Official Xbox Magazine (United Kingdom) 10/10

Official PlayStation Magazine (United Kingdom) 10/10

Official Xbox Magazine (United States of America) 9,5/10

Empire (United Kingdom) 5/5

Xbox World 360 (United Kingdom) 98/100

Level (Sweden) 10/10

FHM (United Kingdom) 5/5

Official PlayStation Magazine (United States of America) 5/5

Electronic Gaming Monthly (United States of America) A/A+ A+/A+ A+/A+

Game Informer (United States of America) 10/10 10/10

Power Unlimited (The Netherlands) 100/100

PlayStation World (United Kingdom) 10/10



Dagbladet (Norway) 6/6

New York Times (United States of Amerika) --/--


Internet - Text

IGN (United States of America) 10/10

IGN UK (United Kingdom) 10/10

Kotaku (United States of America) --/--

GameDaily (United States of America) 100/100

TeamXbox (United States of America) 10/10

1UP.com (United States of America) A+/A+

EuroGamer (United Kingdom) 10/10

GameSpy (United States of America) 5/5

Computer and Video Games (United Kingdom) 9,5/10

GamesRadar (United Kingdom) 10/10

Total Video Games (United Kingdom) 10/10

GamePro (United States of America) 5/5

Game Reactor (Scandinavia) 10/10

VicioJuegos (Spain) 98/100

InsideGamer (The Netherlands) 10-/10

Gamer.nl (The Netherlands) 10/10

IGN AU (Australia) 9,8/10

Gamez.nl (The Netherlands) 9,7/100

VideoGamer (United Kingdom) 10/10


Internet - Video

GameTrailers (United States of America) 9,8/10

GameVideos (United States of America) A+/A+


Let me know if the list is incomplete, so that I can add more reviews to make it the most complete survey on the web.

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