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own music on ps3?


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can you add your own music on the ps3 version as an extra radio station?


i read a few weeks ago you can add up to 11 tracks from your hard drive as long as the artist and song name are on your mp3.


this could be for just the 360 version but i dont see why its not possible since psp lcs had that option.


if its not available on the ps3 its another slap in the face to us ps3 owners.


ok microsoft did pay out £25 million for the download content eventho gta series has been mainly a ps game since what 97?.


i find that more and more microsoft are trying to monopolise the game console market



PSN: Johnny77v

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Well the time will come... soon ps3 will have custom tracks in game! just like xbox 360 untill then enjoy gta iv

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to be honest i dont know for xbox360 its different you can save music to your HDD and play it

anytime you want (does PS3 do this?)

i suppose this would allow the player to play there music as well as hear the rest of the games sound's


i read along time (07) back R* werent going to support your own music in game due to the amount of

money they paid get licences............. and something about the atmosphere of the game this may have


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only a couple of games have the feature to play your own music like stardust hd, so no its not supported on all ps3 games.

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