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What is G4?


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Firstly, i already have my fire extinguishers for the flames i'll be getting.


Now onto the main topic,


I've mainly been able to restrict myself from watching leaked videos, and i've heard there is an official release of gameplay videos tomorrow on "G4".


Just wondering if someone could tell me what this is, i'm guessing it's a tv show as whenever i google it i get the British band.



Fire extinguishers at the ready

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Lethal Nizzle

It's a TV show I think; I saw a video a while back with a drunk Master Chief by G4. That's basically all I know.

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Rob Mclovin

G4 is a channel that is only available through satellite or other forms of broadcast like that. Companies like Directv, comcast, Dish Network. Basiclly available on those and not on basic cable.

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