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Please freakin help me!


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Ok. I am sooo pissed off rite now suicidal.gif . I dont have a good attitude. Anyways, I downloaded Zmoddeler cuz I want to start modeling. One problem is, I cant f*cking import any f*cking DFF files. I extracted my dff and txd to desktop and then I try to Import it. I press Import and the DFF, nor the TXD are visible. So please help me! Dont tell me any other crap. Just make my day cryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gif


And please dont tell me to go to tutourial forum. It doesnt have jack sh*t rite there!

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What version of Zmodeler did you download? If it's the older version, (ZModeler v1.07), are you trying to import San Andreas dff files into that version? SA Dff's won't import in that version of Zmodeler, V1.07 Was only for GTA3 And Vice City. You will need ZModeler v2.1.0, If you're trying to import San Andreas dff's, and it can be gotten Here

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Ok, so because you're pissed off we just have to do as you say eh? Not gonna happen kiddo.


First off : Please learn to specify what the problem is in the topic title or description. Titles like 'please freakin help' will make most people ignore the topic alltogether. And usually those people would be the ones that could have given you the right answer.


Secondly : There's a sh!tload of usefull info in the tutorials section, you just need to use a good search query or some logical thinking. What you want to do is real basic stuff, so it's been covered a long time ago. Best to look at the older topics first then, and you won't find those on page 1.


Thirdly : If you would have looked around in the zmodeler forum, or the gtaforums troubleshooting or tutorial section for more than 2 minutes, you would have known that Zmodeler will only allow you to import .dff files if you register it (here's your day then), which of course costs money.


Fourthly : If things get on your nerves, take a break. Smoke a cigarette, take a walk in the park, shoot some cops (preferrably in a videogame), just do anything that will help you calm down a bit. And only when you calmed down start thinking about how to post. Posts full of cursewords and a bad attitude tend to provoke a similar reaction, especially when you're asking a question that has been asked (and answered) 20 or more times before.

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