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why xbox is inferior


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1. xbox 360 has just been a 2 year fad. real gamers always know ps3 is the one to go for.


2. xbox has old defunct technology.. hd-dvd anyone?


3. RRoD... if you overuse an xbox, the crappy system tends to overheat. causing it to not work. so if you're planning on playing gta4 for hours... good luck. xbox's are for the casual gamer (6 hours a week).


4. xbox is made of cheap, crappy materials. thats why the xbox is cheaper. you're getting less for your money.


5. multiplayer gta will be too much for xbox to handle.


6. PS3 owns.. i'm not a fanboy, nor do i want any fanboy wars... but truth needs to be told.



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Fanboy crap icon13.gif even though I own a PS3.

[intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz] [bFG Tech NVIDIA 8800 GTS 320MB OC2]

[2GB RAM DDR2 @ 333Mhz Each] [500GB HDD] [Creative Labs Audigy SE 7.1]

[19" ViewSonic VA1916w] [Acer FG965M Motherboard] [Windows Vista Home Premium]


[sony PlayStation 3 40GB HDD]

[samsung LE26R41BDX/XEU 26" Widescreen HDTV]


[Current PS3 Games] [Gran Turismo 5 Prologue] [GTA IV]

[WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2008]

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