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I'm so glad the PS3 version is better


DLC that MS paid 100 mil for and they will charge u out the ass for to make huge profits. Comes out in the fall, ps3 owners have other games to play lol. You wanna get ripped off, have inferior graphics and get RROD with ur system then get the xbox360 one lol


yep thats wut cry baby RROD xbox fans do. GTA4 is better on ps3 and they get RROD and cry and whine and try and ban people on IGN, wow wut cry babies


ur right cuz one should say xbox360, its more like 33% failure RROD crashbox 3-sh*tty. I mean the podcast is even called 3 red rings LOL!!!


Yeah, theres gonna be a RECORD number of 360s breaking from this game, its gonna be sooo funny. Get the biggest game of the year and the first game to get a 10 in 9 years and ur system breaks from RROD.... LOL!!!!


I know that in the 360 version you can get in a car with Bill Gates and he rapes you. lol


XBOX 360 all day ps3 is gay gears 2 will kill u ps3 fan boyz. mgs4 not sh*t hype thatz all





there is 34 pages of this bullsh*t and this was takin out from the first 2 pages


its really so sad it makes me wanna jus take a fanboy and strangle him and punch him till he cries PLEASE STOP!! if i was behind one of these fanboys typing these things i would snap all of their fingers so hey cant play any system


and i already know theres guna be ppl saying ohh stop whining ur a baby if ur guna write that keep it to yourself ur a waste of sperm

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