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Xbox 360 controller for PC?


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is there like a plugin for the computer 2 read that the Xbox 360 controller is plugged in but really ur using ur logitech (ps2 like control) or a emulator to emulate the control?

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From what I could understand from that post, no. You need an X360 controller. Why would you need to do such a thing anyway?

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Most of the new games, u either use keyboard+mouse or Xbox360 controller, i wanted to know if there was a patch so i can use my logitech

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I have a similar question. Can I use the Plug and Play accessory to plug my 360 controller into my computer and play stuff like Knytt and Mario Forever with the controller?

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Yes you can. I've seen it done all the time. I don't know how it's done though. I'll get back to you on that tomorrow.

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I still haven't understood a thing, but anyway. I have a wired x360 controller hooked up to my pc, and it works perfect on every game, and even for Emulators - provided you have the right plug in. I've only tried playing PS1 emu so far, and it works flawlessly.

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I want to play Call of Duty 4 with the Xbox 360 controller.

But i dont have a 360 controller, so can i use my Logitech? (PS2 remote).

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Quote Post

I want to play Call of Duty 4 with the Xbox 360 controller.

But i dont have a 360 controller, so can i use my Logitech? (PS2 remote).


Cod4 for PC doesn't have any gamepad support as far as I know ( at least it doesn't support X360 controllers) you have a mouse and keyboard which are far more accurate than the controller anyway.

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This small free program helps a lot to configure gamepad, there is still a room for improvement, and updates will come. I've completed COD4 with Logitech Chillstream (similar to X360 + with hand colling) on easy just to be fully convinced that gamepads totally lose to mouse + keyboard in FPS. I'm gonna test it in racing games now.

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1. Insert your WIRED Xbox 360 controller into a spare USB slot on your PC


2. Do a quick google search for something like "Xbox 360 controller pc drivers". Download and install.


3.a. Play your desired game with your Xbox 360 game controller (If the game supports it)


3.b. If the game doesn't support controllers, download and install Pinnacle Game Profiler. Go through the setup for desired game, and every time the game is loaded, Pinnacle will convert the input from the Xbox 360 controller in to keyboard/mouse movements. (I.E. If you are playing a football/soccer game and you press A to pass, Pinnacle will convert it to the proper keyboard press. If you move the left analogue stick left, Pinnacle GS will tell the game you moved left with the mouse ect ect.)


Hope this helps you like it did with me biggrin.gif


EDIT: Obviously, if you wanted to play a game like World of Warcraft using Pinnacle Game Studio, it would be extremely difficult, almost impossible, because WoW uses ALOT of keys in its game (F1-12 ect for spells) and the Xbox 360 controller has only afew buttons. You do the math. Works best with games that are also avalible for PS3/Xbox 360 as there won't be any aditional buttons needed.

Edited by B4rto
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You can use your Xbox 360 wireless controller on your pc too. But you need one of these adapters:




Alternatively if you have a wired one, you can just plug it in.


For either one of the above methods you will need these drivers:


driver download

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