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Survival kit


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My list:


- ps3

- 22" lcd tv

- cola

- snuff (the tobacco, not the porn lol)

- extra ps3 controller

- pasta, cereal, bread

- maybe some porn turn.gif

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Mr J. Thompson

My Survival Kit:


37" Widescreen LCD

Surround sound speakers.


Another PS3, just in case the first f*cks up.

Big, massive, comfy, f*ck off couch, with extra cushions.

Backup generator in case of a blackout.

Extra batteries.



FM Radio.

Large supply of Red Bull.

A carton of Coronas.

Jack Daniels.

Coke, of course.

Coffee maker, for those early mornings.

Dominoe's Pizza number.

Fuk Mei chinese restaraunt number.

Mini fridge, full of all kinds of snack sh*t.

A drip, if all else fails.

Warm blanket.

Waterproof survival suit.

A bucket. If you dont realise what for, dont ask.

And a note to remind me to take the phone off the hook.


Now, all I need is GTA IV.










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Here's my kit:


Doritos + Sauce

Lays Natural

Pizzas (Big Ammerican)

Coca Cola XXL bottles

Fanta bottles

tray of Red Bull

Happy nuts

user posted image

Candy bars


And some more tounge.gif

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So went shopping at target today. I needed a fan for my room, it's been like 95 for the past few days and no A/C is killing me.


So I strayed a little from what i had planned but all in all goood sh*t.


2 fans (1 conveniently blowing past my 360 smile.gif

2 mountain dews

1 Dr Pepper

String cheeese


Popcorn Chicken

Gummie bears


Capri sun

Beef Jerky



Got Kush, Papers, and beer.


Need to fix my grinder, get cigarettes and pizza. So Close......

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im skipping school, adderall, caffeine pills, h20, mt dew code red, (my controller is the one that you plug into the xbox to charge so no batteries),SANDWICHES,SANDWICHES,SANDWICHES,SANDWICHES.

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my list (also my first post)






gta iv


hot pockets


corn dogs


copped an ounce of train wreck last week from the clubs


gravity bong




AA batteries


all the time in the world

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My friends sleepin over next sat for all night gta4 session ! we will probaly get


lota ps3 controlers



easy mac

mnt dew

play boy magazine lol.gif


samsung 42 inch lcd tv

dolby 5.1 sorounsd sound


helllllllllllllll yyyyyyyyyeaaaaaaaaaaaaa devil.gif

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32" LG 720P LCD

Phillips 5.1 Sound

My bed or computer chair, which ever I am feelin'





The other herbal smokage with included accessories



2 Hours and 5 minutes devil.gif

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