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Dualshock3 + Vista?


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So, i've read about a bajillion articles online, youtube videos, etc. but if anybody here has experience on getting the DS3 and/or sixaxes working on vista via USB, any help would be appreciated.


I've installed the driver, put the file in system32 and botted it from a cmd prompt. went into the game devices thingy in my control panel last night and managed to calibrate it. but i could never get it to work in a game. i was testing wtih the Halo demo for PC. i could select it in the options as my gamepad of choice, but it wouldn't actually do anything.


now today, the calibration thing doesn't seem to want to respond to my controller.

oh, and yes, the PS3 is 100% powered down.


So, if anybody has any experience getting it to work, that would be great.

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