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360 Vs PS3


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Ok, I've looked on the net and cant find any comparison of how the two will play IV. Obviously the PS3 has a higher spec but have R* used it's capability or has the 360 made them limit it to just 360's. One burning question I have is, will the PS3's extra processing power be more beneficial for the real time animation/ rendering used with the euphoria side of things.


Sorry if it's been asked and I suppose this may be better answered in 1 weeks time but lets see people's opinions if nothing...

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1: The hardware spec is quite similar. Even though Sony fanboys will feed you Cell propaganda, they both use antiquated in-order execution CPUs, 512MB of total RAM, and older generation graphics processors of similar performance.


2: The game will run just about the same on both consoles, I'd wager.


3: Please don't start blatant fanboy threads that are bound to end in flame wars.

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