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i played a legit copy today


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So how is the framerate did you notice any tearing? LOL

not that i noticed the game ran smooth

Thanks. That's what I was wondering.

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I was wondering, if people have a legit copy, why hasn't any one scaned the manual and posted it online. I was wondering, what it might look like?

I guess a good answer to that would be, they are to busy playing the game?

thats the one thing i wish i had & i cant wait to pick up my copy. a manual with this game would be brilliant to have right now.





here i can tell you if this guy is lying or not, as i dont think this was leaked in any vid that im aware of.




to the OP.....before you drive drunk (get in the car), what does the on screen message advise you to do?

not much just stating that u had to get roman home and both niko and roman were swaying anywhere and that u are drunk nothing fantastic

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f*cking such a gay signiture you have...


What a f*cking fa**ot!


And what, exactly, is your problem?

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What an incredible phenomenon. All these people with the game, and none of them with cameras.

LOL How true.

Lets not entertain this.

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