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Things you were wondering..


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E.G like the Internet would be like or catching a taxi would be like... have any you now seen all the things u wanted to see?

I know many ppl must have.


Im still wondering what Taxi will be like, in game fone and Internet. I bet a lot of ppl have already seen these.

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Nothing this boring has caught my imagination, apart from the problem on how Liberty City reformed its whole island size and shape... wow.gif

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Modern Hero

I have seen the taxi thing, u hail a taxi, and then the meter will let you browse through a list of possible destinations, and then the driver will take you there for a small price, or a larger price depending on wether or not you told him to hurry up, or u skipped the ride all together.

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[QUIF] XxOodiexX

PHONE: when you press a button niko pulls out his phone and youre givin a larger head-on view of the phone on the bottom right where you get access to texts, voice msgs, calls, MP, everything pretty much.


the internet looks like any old internet really, except everything is funny lol

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I just wanna know if cars have gas tanks that you can shoot at to blow them up. I was watching a feed and the guy was trying to look for the gas tank. But no luck. We looked for the gas tank on a taxi and on this other car and there was no gas tank! Anyone know?


Also anyone know if semi trucks are able to hook up to trailers? I loved driving the 18 wheelers in SA and in SR!

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