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Refurbished Consoles


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So with the impending release of GTAIV I'm finally forking over some money for a new console, I'm still up in the air on whether to go for the ps3 or the xbox (though that's not what I'm asking here.) However I was wondering what the general opinions are on refurbished consoles. They are cheaper, and I don't mind a few nicks or scratches here and there on the outside case, but how reliable are they? Am I going to get screwed buying a refurbished ps3 or something? Is this thing going to break down a few months into playing? Do you guys know any reliable places to get a good refurb?


Any help would be wonderful thanks.

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Tornado Rex

Refurbs go through the same testing a new console does so it'll work out of the box. The console is used though. That means the hard drive has been used, there could be dust in it, etc. That doesn't mean there's necessarily a better chance of it breaking, but the possibility of it having been roughed up by a previous owner is there.


Also be sure to check warranties. The manufacturer coves from the day the console was bought as new. A lot of times that means it will be out of warranty or will be getting there. See what the store has for a return policy on refurb systems.


The biggest thing is just to ask questions. Each store handles refurbs different. Some might do the refurb themselves, sometimes they'll replace with an in-store warranty and send the broken console to the manufacturer to get replaced and sell that as it's refurb, etc.

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Thank you much sir, I was told that Gamestop has a pretty good system for refurbs. He said that if it doesn't work, you can return it and they will replace it for free. Anyone know any details about this?

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