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'The Professionals'


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Were all gonna wear suits online....watch out for us (PSN only)


main modes: Team Mafiya - Cops n Crooks - Team Deathmatch

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EDIT: Nevermind

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Gta IV King

Shouldn't this be in the multiplayer section?..

I hope your clan fails miserably.

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Games I own:

GTA IV/SA/VC/III, COD4/3/2, Gears Of War, Battlefield 2, Counter Strike, Bio Shock, Halo 3, The Club, Frontline: fuel of war, Rb6v 1/2, Army Of Two, Guitar Hero 2/3, Forza 2, Far cry, PGR 3/4, Spiderman 3, Colin Mcrae Dirt, Saints Row, Fifa 06/07/08, Oblivion, Amped 3, G.R.A.W 1/2, Crackdown, Skate, Dead rising, Sonic, every Lara Croft ever made (I've always loved it since the first Tomb raider)... Won't include Xbox 1, PS1/2 or N64 games because it'll take all day to write...

Oh, yes I'm a geek...

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I'll join. But I want to be the leader of the clam. And I think instead of wearing suits we should all be as naked as possible. And instead of Professionals, let's call ourselves Aerosmiths!



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