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GTA was leaked!?


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hi guys i've been out all day and when i got back on my laptop there were posts about a leak! mercie_blink.gif

so some questions...


1. was it a leak on a file share site or was it just a vid?

2. if it was a video is it still on the web (please don't post a link i don't want any trouble! sad.gif )


thanks guys!


p.s: i've seen the sticky but i couldn't find any answers confused.gif


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It seems that someone has taken a copy of GTA IV home with them and posted video's of the Intro and gameplay online. Most websites are trying to get rid of these leaked vids due to the Copyright Laws.


But yes, it has been leaked.

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lol yeah people do like spoilin sh*t dont they,,dont watch it people, only 6 days left biggrin.gif u can last, just grip your teeth lol

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