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Eating Bug


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I Use Xp


I have A Very Good Vid Card Cant Remember What it is but it was the best i could buy a year ago


Same as Vid Card Best One I COuld Buy A YEar Ago


and i have 1gb ram



Anyway My problem is whenever i eat and i hit f after buying food game crashes


btew jsut so u know i do have mods installed cars, guns, map pls help asap PRETTY PLS

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well i dont think it would be cars or guns, im thinking something you edited in the data files is causing your crash. maybe maps that edited files or a .scm file is messing things up. you should install a fresh version, try installing all the cars and guns etc. without any data editing besides that needed for the cars and weapons, and see if your game works

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well try re-installing the game and see if the mods are making it crash.


Edit:beaten sad.gif

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I would advise you to first install a clean copy and delete the set file from the USer Files folder.


If you feel like modding the game again, do it one mod at a time. Keep on checking the game after you install each mod. That way you can find out which mod causes the crash. Just get rid of that mod and don't install it ever.

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