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2nd Mission LoL Will Only Take A Sec To Do


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Yes Can Someone pls start a new game on 2nd save slot For Gta Sa V2 and Jsut Do The Mission Right At The Start Where You Are With Ryder And Have To Get A HairCut And Then Go Eat, The Reason I need Someone To Do This Is When Ever I Exit Out Of The Eating My Game Crashs Idk Why i have installed mods probly y but i cant be bothered to fix the problem and pls dont use any cheats dont get busted and dont die pls once u have done this either post here or send to my email which is




[email protected]



Thank You

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It's not a good idea to post your email address freely on the Internet. It may be captured by lurking Spam-Bots and you can guess what will happen next. I advise you to edit the address out of your post. If someone will do the save for you, most of them would simply post it back in this topic instead of sending it to an email address.

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@Girishb, the save you posted had the last mission passed as "big Smoke" and the topic starter wanted one after "Ryder" so here it is (Ryder) mission. Hope this helps.

You are right; which means there's a mistake in every name in here.

I'll inform Unlimited about it.

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