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Is it a dumb decision...


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I know its a useless topic, but i need an opinion on something.


I cant w8 for my SE version to come in the mail on the 29th that i pre ordered...

I was wondering if its a stupid idea to go buy the regular edition from Walmart at midnight, so i'm able to get it as fast as i possibly could? I think of it this way, i collect every gta game i find, all versions. So i'd have the SE version and Regular Version... What do you think.. or do you just think i should w8..

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reaper x550

Stupid idea. But it's your money, do what you want.


Take some sleeping pills on the 28th or something, that might help you.

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Well you say you collect the game anyway, so you may as well buy the normal edition because you would end up buying it anyway. Then you can keep the SE disc unused and it great condition. I'm kind of kicking myself I didn't buy the SE.

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