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It has arrived

Recommended Posts

,Apr 22 2008, 13:52]
Stop these gay fake threads, if it is fake.

how much f*cking proof do you need. There is a whole pile of GTA4:SE boxes in that photo. Cases, artwork etc.

The point is that the topic starter didnt post the pic. Someone else did so it could be anyones pic. not the topic starter.


Could someone ban this guy? I'd ap... We'd appreciate it. Thanx!

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to me it isnt funny cryani.gif look what you did cryani.gif  cryani.gif  suicidal.gif

I think we are in agreement that you are a prick, who needs a sense of humor, go f*ck your mother.......or better still take your own advice and do us all a favour!!

he might be a prick but ur an retarded 3 year old kid, go f*ck yourself. why bring mothers in to this, dickhead

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Okay we're all a little tense and getting restless now...


Everyone of us is still awake... waiting... hoping... that some game play will find its way onto Youtube.


It will. Anytime now. As soon as some IRC nerds get their hands on a copy it's over... I hate to say it but I look forward to some leaked game play footage.


Anyone else?

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if you take a pic of the game case, take a pic of the back of it so we can see actual in game footage ty ty cookie.gif

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where do you work ?

eb games


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