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It has arrived


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We recieved the special editions as well as the stand alone 360 copies at work today. The the SE is great, very decent quality. I haven't played it, it was bs holding the game and seeing our 360 just a few meters away. Flippn eb.

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Niko-Claude Vercetti

picture would be cool just to confirm that most shots we have seen so far are fake

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PLEASE take some picks. Please!

If you lose your job, I'll talk to your boss for you!

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doa kappatango


Or take a picture.

Man, the guy says he works in a game store - its more than likely they will have stock in.


Jeese, the hate here is amazing - why say Fake??

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I don't care to see a picture of the box.


I mean, really... who cares? We've all held game boxes before. Seeing a picture of it isn't like playing the game.


This was a completely unneccessary thread. It's like someone posting "I've seen all of the trailers".



Signatures are dumb anyway.

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You mean you held Metal Gear Solid 4? smile.gif Jokes! You mean you guys dont even get to see it in action before its due?

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yeah pics would be awesome brotha how bout it?? How bout 1 cookie per decent picture biggrin.gif ????



Oh hell heres one to get you motivated ------- cookie.gif




Edit: btw pics of the special edition ofcourse i'm assuming the duffel bag comes folded up yeah? And any news on whether the lockbox comes with that long plastic case that was posted weeks ago?? How is it all presented>

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Call me a hater, whatever. I find it extremely unlikely that stores would be getting a copy in this early on such a huge game. Rockstar is not naive, they know what WILL happen if they send copies out this early. Regardless, this thread is pointless, and nobody is impressed even if it is true.

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if he is telling the truth i would be tempted to just steal a copy when no ones looking if not then you are sad for making something like this up

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Most stores have already got their stock. Today or yesterday. Online stores all have theirs and AU shops will have theirs by Thursday (2 days from now).

You're an idiot if you seriously think that places don't have it / close to getting it, and you're an even bigger idiot if you say nobody has the game yet when there are heaps of images flying out and being taken down within minutes of being posted by r*.

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Dear oh dear...


why would he make something like this up ? He's not claiming he has the game, just the store has it....



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Pics shouldn't be a problem. It just a box but i will take a shot of it. I'm not in till thursday tho. The SE comes in a box(different for ps3 and 360) with the lock box and stuff inside. I haven't played it. Nor will I before the launch. Its going to be an amazing game but not worth being fired over.

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What does SE come in? Too hold everything.


Is the Case the same as reg version?

The case is pretty much the same except it has embossed letters....exciting huh? Well worth the extra £30.00 mercie_blink.gif

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If I was the manager, Id open 1 copy for the workers to play on when no-ones in the shop on a little TV behind the counter.

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gamestation got theirs in today


my mate is manager and even he isnt allowed a copy but hes promised me he is gonna sneak a disc out for us to jam on until usenet leaks it

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doa kappatango
i would also steal one, it would be worth it!!

Oh yeah "Worth it!" you would play it 5 days before me!!!




Lose your job

Get a criminal Record

Not be able to get another job


Apart from that...sure, worth it.



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