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Name: Album of Macabre


Size: 500x200


Theme: Banner


Resources: Image, Image, Image, Font.


Colors: Black and red


Additional info: I seriously can't think so I'll let your creativity decide tounge2.gif


Thanks in advance!

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It could just be me (which I'm guessing is the case [i'm sorry!]) but for some reason it's not showing - I'm getting a blank red X image. Is there any chance you could upload again/someplace else?

Like I said before; I'm sorry, I know I'm a pain and am asking a lot of you, to which I'm extremely appreciative of. turn.gif

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F*ck. mercie_blink.gif


That is incredible! biggrin.gif Thank you so much, man! colgate.gif Wow.



Oxidizer is lost for words
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