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Bunch of New Screenshots


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....But no site update? Werd up with that?!?! monocle.gif

yeah gta4.net always tent to be late with news

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I had to laugh at the fact I hadn't seen the earlier April shots as well...At least a few of them. I know I saw at least half. The scenes show more of rounded angles that are made from straight lines, some hazy textures, and other minor iffy graphics, but other areas look Worlds better then the past games. Niko with the Statue Of Happiness behind him is one the best ones of Niko yet! They would have done well releasing that shot early on.


In the early April MP shots, the police shoot out in the street where the lone car is a Corvette C5 replica, I am so happy to have such layers of realism in the game. The Armored car Brute, another MP shot, VERY highly detailed from the ones in VC and GTA3!! colgate.gif

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