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Save Games PS2


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hey Guys Please tell me step by step on how to put save games i downloaded from thegtaplace.com and such as

.. to my ps2


How ?

I am using gta san andreas of course! Please Help! colgate.gif

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You can't, saved games you download from the internet are for the PC version. There are saved game disks you can purchase for you PS2 though.

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You can! But it requires some extra gadgets.


You'll need something like this: http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/PS2-MAX...__EF000086.aspx or similar to transfer the saves.


The various cheatdevices (ARMax, Codebreaker etc.) can probably do the transfer too.


The saves has to be for PS2 though, AFAIK there's no way to convert PC saves to PS2.

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It might be possible to convert a PC save to PS2 format, but it's not terribly practical. The major drawback would be trying to get the two-player scripts working that are absent from PC save. However, the technical challenge of converting a save created on PC using PS2 scripts has been met. Check out the PS2 saves available on my host at filefront for some highly customized starter saves for PS2. You won't find anything else like it for PS2.





For more traditional saves, check out the saves available in various formats (armax, codebreaker, NTSC, PAL, etc) at GameFAQs.com. Also Codejunkies in the UK has quite a few saves available in PAL format. You can convert the saves to NTSC format with PS2 Save Builder if required.


As far as step by step instructions for using the saves you have downloaded, this would depend on the program you use to copy programs to and from the PS2. I might be able to list most of the steps accurately for armax, but it helps to know your region and which specific save is being used so I can account for most of the variables.


The basic steps are:

Download a save in PS2 format. Make sure you have the correct version (original or greatest hits/platinum).

Make sure the save is PAL or NTSC as required - worry about conversion later if necessary.

Copy the save package (.max etc) to a USB device - usually FAT16 is required.

Boot the PS2 with the program used to copy saves.

Follow the directions of the program to copy the saves to a memory card.

Reboot the PS2 with SA and hopefully the saves will be listed and can be played.


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