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I have tried everything from the IMG tool and SAMI and I still can't get a MOD installed in GTA San Andreas Version 1. Any ideas? I even tried running GTA SA in XP and ME because I have Vista and even tried running it in Administrator. I tried to install the General Lee mod and when I go to the Big Ear to check if the General is there, it's not and the only car that is there is that Sandking SUV. Can someone help me, I kinda new to the modding thing. angry.gif

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Try using a carspawner, spawn the vehicle that General Lee replaces, if it isn't there then realize, you screwed it up.


Was there something else than a DFF file and a TXD with the mod, if not, General Lee isn't even supposed to be there.

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I used SAMI first and it's supposed to put everything in including the handling. Do you the cheat to Spawn the SANDKING? If you do can you give it to me. I'll try that out and see what happens. I also used the IMG TOOL and tried it that way including the handling but I still got nothing.

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