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PS3 + home


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Probono Giggalo
no i pay 17 cents a day ( which i know, is WAYYYY to much for you sony boys, breaks the bank, i understand) to get standard microphones, updates, unified friends list, free demos, trailers, game news, interviews, movies, tv shows i can keep going on if youd like.


oh also, the fact that its charged is great, keeps some of those broke whining asshats off my service. all they gotta do in yours is plug in and go, so have fun with all those mutes on your service!

Yup, breaks our bank alright... That's why our console costs more, huh?


And, what are you talking about? I've had xbl, I've muted people on that just as much as the PSN.


Also, we get all that stuff too.


The only thing we don't get is full movies and TV shows. Also, you don't get those for free, like you implied.


We are getting them soon too.


Also, what's with your fanboyism. If you don't like something, then shut the f*ck up about it. And get over it. You don't have to worry about it, seeing as you have an xbox, you aren't getting it, why do you keep going on about something that doesn't even concern you?

ummm ive gotten quite a few tv shows and movies for free(granted they were specials, that youll probablly get too, if and when sony releases them, and looking at homes track record, you might see tv shows by 2010).

and i wasnt implying about the amount of people you have to mute, i was implying that the amount of people without mics is astounding.


and im sorry my view doesnt equate to yours, but your the one throwing insults around. i know it sucks when someone comes up with valid counter points to yours, but try to be an adult about debating. which is what im doing, debating that home is a sims clone, which i havent heard ONE counter point to how its not.

Where are your valid counter points?


Yep I started with the insults in frustration towards youor idiotic remarks and invalid arguments.


A debates not a debate when what your saying does not contain truth or facts.


Home is not a sims clone because you do not move a character around feeding it and making it go to the toilet or sleep. (The list could go on.)


As for Homes track record, valid point your right and probably the only one you have had so far.


TV shows, well where getting play TV so that covers that and does have an official release date, although I don't recall when that is but like Home I'm sure its subject to delay.

see now, that was a GREATLY improved post! has valid points and is well put together without a 8th grade insult, i appluad you. now for my retort:


you make your house right? arrange your fruniture? paint your rooms? have friends over to play mini games? buy new fruniture right? all this SCREAMS second life/sims/rollercoster tycoon/ ect. its just a glorified sony sims game. how is it any different? they may add things, like getting ready for an online match, BUT the core of home is a simulation to meet other people. so i am sorry it is more like second life than sims, but you catch my drift.

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Well i dunno about you guys but im looking forward to getting my "Uber Advanced doll house - the sims" type re-make of a game, its free and its more interesting than choosing words on a list, but go ahed flame me as its my view point and fanboy doesnt understand that! tounge2.gif

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y are yOu arguing so fircely over this? i dont get it...

Let the fanboys argue its fun to watch

I'm not really a fanboy.. i'm just astounded at how people can be so bloody stubborn

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y are yOu arguing so fircely over this? i dont get it...

Let the fanboys argue its fun to watch

No, no it isn't.


Locked to spare humanity from the wrath of the fanboy.


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