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Tesco order


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hi, i ordered GTA off Tesco.com, but then i cancelled it, but now i want to re order it, lol.


But it comes up with this:


user posted image


Should i re do my order, or will i still be getting this one because it says cannot cancel.


I'm so confused confused.gif

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it says Cancellation (pending confirmation). This means you must have cancelled, but you didn't actually *confirm* the cancellation... probably in an e-mail or something with a link. Check your junk mail or something. I wouldnt have a clue. But it looks like the order is still being processed because it hasn't fully been cancelled because you didnt confirm.

ps3 user all the way

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Well it says pending confirmation, so it''ll probably just take a day or two to update, but I don't see any reason why they would refuse to let you cancel, I say just order again and see what happens.

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K, will wait until it is a week day and see if it cancels then will just re-order it.

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lol confusing, thanks for posting tho, i mite cancel mine 2moz if i can pre-order in store wow.gif

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