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First of all, apologies if this has been discussed already. I did a search, but nothing came up (that I saw) that was relative to the things I'm wondering about. If this has already been covered, I would sure appreciate a link to that topic. biggrin.gif


So is there information available about how the multiplayer free roam will work as far as clubs, bars, strip-joints, etc are concerned? For example, three of my buddies and myself are driving around the city and we want to go to the...oh, I don't know...comedy club. Can we all walk in as a group and get a table?


I'd also like to know how it works if, say, four of us are in a car and one guy decides to shoot a ped. Do all four of us get a wanted level?


I just know the city is going to be littered with stuff to do, but I just don't know how deep the level of interaction will be for people online. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!



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Interesting probe about the Wanted level Buddies wanted level thing. Not sure.


Also I assume you will be able to lock on and shoot your buddies in this mode. Maybe there is an option for friendly fire.


Another question I have more along your lines is can you still get drunk online? Is it possible to get drunk by yourself in single player? Or only when taking somebody out?

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I think a while back I heard somewhere that you could get drunk with your friends. However, that was months ago and it could have just been a rumor.


How much of a blast would it be to go into a bar, get wasted, and then start a drunken shooting spree right from your table? Hehe


You brought up another good point. Targeting your friends out of nowhere and just starting a brawl would be great. I just don't know how things like that would be brought to the table in free roam, though.

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this post reminds me of this



OT i would also like to know some of this stuff.

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