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Blockbuster is funny


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I went to blockbuster to pre-order and the dude said If i game him $50 (and yes i still have to pay 4 the game) I can have the game on the 24th... Lol i think he was just messing with me but I kinda do have my hand on my wallet just in case.... Either im gonna lose $50 and end up asking where "jim" is, or i might acctually get the game! biggrin.gif and yes his name was jim...

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He means 60$ for pre-ordering and 50$ more to get game early so 110$ overall.

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Mr. Burns: All we ask is preferential treatment because of my fabulous wealth!

[burns holds the trillion dollar bill up.]

Castro: May I see?

Mr. Burns: Ho ho ho, see with your eyes, not with your hands!

Castro: Please, we are all amigos here!

Homer: Mr. Burns.. I think we can trust the president of Cuba..

Mr. Burns: [hands it to Castro, and waits a couple of seconds.] Now, give it


Castro: Give what back?

Mr. Burns: D'ohh...

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