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Official GTA Radio Station Wars!


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Welcome to the Official GTA Radio Station Wars Game! This is based on skarface1013's Official GTA Character Wars and Official GTA Gang Wars Games. Note: For this topic, I got permission from skarface1013.


Basically this is much like the Character Wars and Gang Wars Games, except with radio stations of the series set in the GTA 3 canon. Two radio stations will be chosen to fight, whichever one gets 4/7 votes will win the fight. I will start this by being able to choose any two to fight, radio stations can be used again and again, eventually a tournament might be set up as I will mark off who wins and loses. With the winners facing off in the next round and so on. For now it's just for fun, being able to choose anyone.


Basically, you choose the radio station which you like best. Again, feel free to add fights since I won't always be around, just like skarface1013's other topics. However, make sure a radio station wins by getting a 4/7 majority vote over the other before starting a new fight.


I am listing every radio station from every GTA 3 canon game (GTA 3, VC, SA, LCS and VCS). If I have missed any, please feel free to contact me and make sure I add them to the list.


Radio Station List:


-Head Radio

-Double Cleff FM


-Rise FM

-Lips 106

-Game FM


-Flashback FM

-Chatterbox FM



-Wave 103

-Flash FM

-Fever 105

-Emotion 98.3

-Radio Espantoso




-Radio X

-Radio Los Santos

-Playback FM


-K-Jah Radio West



-Master Sounds FM

-CSR 103.9

-Bounce FM

-Radio Del Mundo

-The Liberty Jam


-Paradise FM

-Fresh 105 FM

-VC For Lovers


Feel free to give comments and/or ideas to make the topic better. I hope this will be a success like skarface1013's other topics.


Let the fights begin!

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You might aswell add the GTA:IV stations seen as the game is released in ten days.

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Come on guys! Can't we be serious about this? Somebody please start a battle!

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I vote Liberty Jam. I didn't really like the type of music on Wildstyle, but I thought the music on Liberty Jam was ok.


Liberty Jam: 1


Wildstyle: 0

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Wildstyle easily, old school hip hop baby!

For some reason Liberty Jam and Game FM were the weakest hip-hop radios they put.

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I like Old Skool Hip Hop, but I didn't like any of the songs on Wildstyle. That's why I'm gonna go with The Liberty Jam. There were a few songs I liked on that station. In fact, that's the only radio station that had songs I liked in LCS. I like East Coast Hip Hop, so that's why I like The Liberty Jam and Game FM. The Liberty Jam FTW!


The Liberty Jam leads 2-1

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I, too liked Liberty Jam 101.3 better than Wildstyle, so my vote goes for Liberty Jam 101.3. East coast Hip-hop for the win.

Liberty Jam= 3

Wildstyle= 1

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Okay, The Liberty Jam wins 4-1


I'll set up the next battle...


Radio Los Santos vs. Game FM

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Hard to choose. I would say Radio los Santos, from all the songs, are crazy, and going mad, and I just found Game FM, Boring


Radio los santos: 1


Game FM: 0

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I'm gonna vote for Radio Los Santos, also. I liked a lot of songs on that station, while I found Game FM a little boring.


Radio Los Santos leads 2-0

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I enjoyed them both to some extent, but Radio Los Santos takes the win IMO. I liked the music on this station, we know most of the rap artists on Radio LS such as Snoop and Dre, Ice Cube, etc. Game FM was music I never heard of before with low deal rappers. Not bad music for Game, just not as good as LS. West Side!


Radio LS leads 3-0

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Tough one, I like both of them, but I would have to say Radio Los Angeles for the win-can't beat west coast Hip-Hop.

RLS= 4

Game Radio= 0


RLS wins the championship 4-0.


next up, K-DST vs. V-Rock(VC version)


This is a tough one again as both stations are good. I would have to go with K-DST on this one as I find myself listening to this one in game more.


K-DST= 1

V-Rock= 0

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V-Rock. I know that K-DST is funny and all, but i like rock music more then everything. So, V-Rock gets my vote.


V-Rock vs. K-DST-1-1

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