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Custom Soundtracks?


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I think it was confirmed that Custom Soundtracks wouldn't be allowed, since it wouldn't fit the atmosphere in LC.

But if you're on Xbox you could always play through the Dashboard, or if PS3, you could wait for the XMB firmware update, think that'll let you play music through.

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S1L3NT SH0T 419

If you own an Xbox 360, you haven't got nothing to worry about, as you can play custom tracks in game from your box Guide. If you have a PS3 on the other hand, you're pretty much screwed. Nothing like doing a drive by to you're favorite song.

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I haven't been able to find any official info about custom soundtracks. I have EGM and PSM and I've scoured the internet for the last four months looking for word. I have a PS3 and though the in-game XMB will debut this summer sometime, it just won't be the same as having user music play through the radio like it did on the XBOX version of San Andreas.

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