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Unable to start GTA3 under Windows XP


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This is now solved. See below.


A few days ago GTA3 didn't work when launched; curious, since I've had no hardware changes that I'm aware of since it last worked. The symptoms were that the screen turned black for a moment then the Windows desktop reappeared but with all window contents black; after a few seconds, it would return me to the desktop.


Following the instructions here, I have deleted the gta3.set file, uninstalled gta3, completely blown away the install directory, reinstalled it (from a legitimate purchased copy), tried it, tried it set to Windows 98 compatibility, patched it to 1.1, tried it, tried it set to Windows 98 compatibility.


Regardless of whether I have the 1.1 patch applied, if I do not select Windows 98 compatibility, the display resolution switches to 640x480 but then shows me the Windows desktop with most of the icons missing. After about 10 seconds it jumps back to the normal desktop with no GTA3.EXE visible in the Task Manager.


If I do select Windows 98 compatibility, the Rockstar intro video plays oddly distorted - http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~damerel...p/weirdness.png is a screenshot - and then it returns to the desktop. Sometimes there is a "gta3.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" dialogue. The one I have just received says;


AppName: gta3.exe AppVer: ModName: bicubic_resizer.ax

ModVer: Offset: 0000747c


if I ask for more information.


They do not all mention bicubic_resizer.ax.


From the posting requirements;


I have an 1800MHz Athlon 64, 1Gb of memory, ATI Radeon X1950. I updated the video drivers when the problem manifested, to no effect.


Windows XP. DirectX 9.0c (says dxdiag). No mods in the fresh install; no no-CD crack; before I apply the 1.1 patch the fresh install is absolutely pristine.


I hope this is a known problem...

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I don't think you can tell me that here, but if you had, I would have done, and it wouldn't have done any good.

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Just video codecs. Renamed the intro videos and I'm up and running. I don't remember making any codec changes, but I don't really mind as long as I can play GTA3...

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