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Should Joey or Toni be Don of the family


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Ok Look wat ever asshole picks toni is a complete dumass


Joey Leone

Rank:Underboss!!!!!! The Key f*cking word!.


Toni Cipriani

Rank: Caporegime(He can skip over to be Don but Toni Wouldn't kill Joey Because that will Disapoint Sal.



For all you f*ckin know Joey could hav worked his way up


1991- 1994 2001

From Soldato- Capo- Underboss

Ok! Damn Joey is good at business because he took out Mike and some other guys in the forelli family.


Toni was capo and when sal dies he will become Underboss

Toni is Godfather to Joey ok its pretty Clear.

Yes toni did all that sh*t but... We all saw it He was rised to Capo.

ok? Look in the American Mafia you must work your way up to be Underboss I mean you want an example?


Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino

Children: Thomas Gambino,Carlo Gambino Jr and i forgot his other son and Daughter.


Tommy Became Capo after doing all this stuff right when Underboss Paul castellanno and Dellacroe Died including his father Tommy could have became Underboss but he decied not to. In the Sicilian Mafia You must be the Son of the Don(the Oldest). Ok i cleared that up.


And yes Luigi "The Snake" Goterelli is Consigliere but was nerver told. i asked San Houser at the E3 Convention and he told the Following



Joey- Underboss/Acting boss


Toni/Acting Underboss


Luigi-Consigliere(After Chili's death)


Mickey-New Capo


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What's this got to do with GTA IV?


Moved to GTA 3 section.


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How Do I Shot Web?
Whats he talking about?



anyway i wish that Toni Cipriani could be Don but Joey Leone has to be the Don because just like what Vinnie said: the oldest son of the deceased Don must carry on the family name

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What? And must you curse every second? It shows you're ignorant. confused.gif


You watch too much Godfather movies, read the book instead. bored.gif

ya ok

what the f*ck are you talking about


1 i hate most of the Godfathers

i only like Godfather 3

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How many times must this topic be discussed lol? And no offense, but dude! Chill! Its just a video game.


OT: If I was to choose, I'd say Joey Leone should be Don. I mean, VinnieLeone's got a point. I know, I know everybody's going to say Toni would make a better Don. But, that's not the point! Joey Leone is the son of the Don and must carry on his father's name. It has to be blood-related, doesn't it? It just wouldn't seem right if Toni Cipriani became Don.

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There was a similar storyline in The Sopranos at one point where a boss died and it was between his right hand man or son to take over. Apparently a successor would normally have been chosen regardless of blood so it could go either way. With GTA 4 paving the way for a new set of characters and different setting we may never know who took over.

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