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Your own city and gangs


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I really liked the idea in GTA 2 of the gang respect system and who you can choose to work for out of the 3 gangs in each section of the city. I think it made an awesome game overall during the PS era.


If you could put together your own city, assuming there are 3 sections and each section housed 3 gangs in a power struggle, what would you name the city and what gangs would be in each section? Could range from 7-9 gangs. Give the gang a name, leader, and a brief description.


My idea:

Brick City:

Brick city is mostly described as Urban Chaos. Many people have fled the city to find any other place they can get to. Hardcore citizens, pimps, drug dealers, prostitutes, and gangs are all that remain. Eastern European and Asian mafiosi, Racist white trash and Black Power degenerates, pyromaniacs, Latino gangbangers, Jamaican Rastafarians, and Pakistani Terrorists are what make up the massive criminal underground of the city, each wanting full control. Cops are about to give up as the city slips from their grasp into the jaws of hell. They are fighting harder than ever to stop the crime and are doing whatever they can to get scum like you off the streets. You are set in this gritty, urban playground, no one knows you, no one trusts you. Where you must do everything you can to make an extra dollar and gain respect. You will need it in order to survive the city built on violence and corruption. Control your fate however you want, just remember to watch your back.



1st Section

Aryan Sons

Leader: Adolf Monson

Description: A gang of white supremacists, involved in hate crimes, arson, lynching, hate speech, guns, and extreme racism & anti-semitism. They follow the Nazi Regima and their leader is trying to revive the Nazi Party to what it once was.


Black Hebrew Brotherhood

Leader: Brother Jamahl

Description: The opposite of the Aryan Sons, the Black Hebrew Brotherhood goes against everything their white supremacist counterparts represent. A violent Black Power gang, their leader Jamahl feels the White man is putting the Black man down and wants genocide against white people. The gang is involved in Ritual Killings, hate speech, hate crimes, and gun running.


Russian Bratva

Leader: Boris Kakarov

Description: A dangerous Russian Mafia group, the Russians are the most powerful gang in the 1st sect. of Brick City. They wish to let the two supremacy gangs fight amongst themselves and pick up the pieces once the war is over. They want complete control of the borough and often stir up tensions between the other two gangs, but also weaken the gangs' businesses with hits and property takeovers. They have a deep hatred for the Aryan Sons as their leader Boris' father fought against the Nazi's during WW2.


2nd Section



Leader: Damien Burns

Description: A ruthless gang of pyromaniacs, they are most well known for arson, but are also involved in drugs, murder, and prostitution. Their leader is a psychotic, drug addicted pyromaniac who envisions the entire city in flames. They carry flamethrowers with occasional pistols and drive Hot rods.


Los Carnales

Leader: Victor Hernandez

Description: An extremely dangerous Mexican gang that rival the Pyros when it comes down to psychotic violence. They are at war with the Pyro gang and their constant battle is slowly tearing the city apart. Their leader Victor, is an immigrant who came to America from the slums of Mexico, only to have his house burned to the ground and his family killed in an attack by the Pyros.



Leader: Cung Lee

Description: A Chinese criminal organization that is centuries old and is based upon honor, loyalty, and respect among members. Far more organized and civil than the Carnales and Pyros, they are able to claim the most turf in this section of the city. However, when the situation arises, they can become just as brutal and violent. They want the best in money, cars, clothes, and weapons.


3rd Section



Leader: Rob Marley

Description: A tough Afro Carribean gang that is quite crazy. They wield the best weapons and are known to be the best fighters on the street. They wield SMG's, Uzi's, AK-47's and various other kinds of submachine guns. Due to Rastafarian code, they can not use other drugs beside marijuanna, which they use and make a profit off selling. Other activities include prostitution and arms running.


East Side Pakis

Leader: Abu Hassan

Description: A tough up and coming gang of Pakistanis, they quickly climbed the crime ladder and are now a well established criminal organization with nice cars and women who rival the Rastafarians. They also have access to powerful guns and bombs in the city. Activities include drugs, gun running, prostitution, bombings, and loan sharking.



Leader: Kendo Suzuki

Description: The Yakuza are an ancient Japanese organized crime syndicate that is also centuries old. Like the Triads, honor, loyalty, and efficiency are the key to rising up in the ranks. These guys don't mess around and disrespecting them could mean an early death sentence. They are the most powerful gang in the 3rd borough and after they gain full control, they plan on taking the fight to their sworn enemies, the Triads.


Any comments, what are your ideas?

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Wow, you have been planning it a lot! Now, it's time to develop a mod...

Avenger Angels from LCS would be a good idea, they would not be very power but they like to kill street gang members...

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Wow, you have been planning it a lot! Now, it's time to develop a mod...

Avenger Angels from LCS would be a good idea, they would not be very power but they like to kill street gang members...

I would create a mod if I knew how, lol. I was just bored with nothing to do yesterday so I made that list up. I like the way it turned out tho.

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I thought it Out, But More in GTA 4 Graphics, Anyways Here it Is.




I thought it Out Last Night, This is What i Got!!



My City's Name Would be...



Sector 203



Sector 203 Would Be a Urban Jungle Full of Skyscraper's and Hovering Cars.

The City would be Layed out In a Odd Way, It would Have Many Free-Ways That Surrond it, It would also Have a GIANT Center Tower, The size that is 200 Stories Higher the The CN-Tower, In this Building, There Would be the Over Rule, A Effect That Has Been in the City for over 20 Years, Security Would be Tight and The Police Would Be Replaced with Droid's, Also, Most Robots would Work for Human Corperations, Such as the Postel Code, And the Police Department.... Also The Over Rule Has a GIANT Secret, ( One of the Last Mission's ) Inside the Giant Tower, Are many Pod's That are Growing Humans, They are Inserted with Chip's And Applyed With "Fake" Skin, These Human's are Placed in the City to Watch Out, They are Almost like "Under Cover" Agents, But the Pod's Have Somehow Gliched out, Therefore Most People Are Getting introble for No-Reason, There for Most Citizen's Are Being Beated for No Reason, Also, Near the End of the Game, The Over Rule Would Have some Sort of "action", Where Citizen's Must Recive a "Daily Beating", Your Main Mission is to Secretly Enter the Tower and Make your Way to the Core, First you must Hack into the System to acsess Self Destruct on the City, Most of the Citizen's Would Have to Escape from Random Message's From a System Known as "The Hackist", A old Terminated System the Over Rule Tested Many Years Ago.. The Self Destruct Would Erupt in 2 Days, Leaving Most Citizen's Homeless Once out, After Activating Self Destruct, You get Captured by the Over Rule, After They Capture you, You are Sent into a Jail, You get Sent up in a Pod, You are Sent to the Top, The Advisor's Office... He Tries to Convince You to Join Him, But As he is Talking, The Self Destruct Activated, The Tower Started Blew and You Being the Only one Left, For the Rest of the 2 Mission's You Must Escape well the Rest of the Ruins And try to Survive, After the Mission's you Find a Taking-Off Droid Ship, You Hind in the Engine Room and Escape The City, As you leave, You watch the Tower Blow, as the City Blow's up, One of the Droids Climb's in, You must Fight Them and Then Try to Operate the Ship as the City Blow's, At the End A whole Bunch of Dust and Debris Fly's on the Window, After That, A Giant Peice of Rock Hits the Window, Smashing it and Crashing the to the Ground.... Well that it, Now Some of the Gang's Name's



Gang One: Gin-gi

Leader: Jingo Gin-gi


This Gang is the First Gang you Join, Once you Arrive in the City, You Meet up With Jingo, These First Mission's You do With Them Are Mostly Starter Like Missions, Such as Robbing Other Gangs and Killing Cops, Not Much


Gang Two: Markus

Leader: Jain Deniss


This Gang is the One You Join After Gin-gi Get's Killed in the Fifth Mission.. This Gang is Mostly all made of Drug Dealers, These Missions are Just Stealing and Controlling Drug Farms Outside the City, The Big Mission's in this Gang is Fighting Against the Over Rule....



Gang Three: Hi-Hight's

Leader: Hi-Hat


After Meeting With a Man Named, "Hi-Hat" He ask's You to do Some, Rebeling in the 'Hood, After Joining, He Will always Promise of Paying you, He Usally Never Does, Mostly this Gang Deal's Drugs, Steal's Cars and Money. This Gang you Dont Stay with for Long, This Part of the Game you Dont Earn Much Money, Being the Reason Why you Quit...


Gang Four: Goldeyez

Leader: Goldy Haiss


You Meet Goldy in a Club Near the Middle of the Game, She Ask's you Mostly About What are your Interest's.... After Speaking with her, She Get's your Phone Number, Calling You Untill you Join. This Gang Deals with Heavy Arm's Dealing and Killing Rich People For Money, In one of the Main Mission's, You Get around to Killing The Mayor, In this Mission, You Get Arrested When Escapeing. Turn's Out all this Time Goldy Was working Under Cover...


Gang Five: The Agent's

Leader: Unknown


After the Getting Released a You Recive a Text From a Man, Wanting to Meet you at a Park, Late at Night... After Meeting With him you Join His Clan, This Gang you Dont Stay With Very Long, There are only 4 Mission's to Do with this Gang.. The Agents Main Goal is to Be in Control of the City and 'Hoods, Mostly with This Gang, Your Missions include Turf Wars and Gang Hunts


Gang Six: Hacker

Leader: Hackist


You Recive Many Message's From this AI Computer After Quiting with the Agent's, He Warns you About Things That will Happen to You... Day's Later, A Van Drive's up to your Safe House and Kidnaps you, Taking you to the Hacker Base, You Awake in a Pod, As you See many Strange Looking Creatures and Humanic Robots Testing and Building Around you, The Floor Drops, Leading you to a Dark Chamber, As Light's Flick on, You Stand Infront of a GIANT sized Computer Tower, About 10 Stories Up, He talk's to you of how you are "Stuck" in here for ever, and That there is no way out, Only to Beat the System, Mostly This is the Main Gang of the Game, The Mission's Include "Cyber Cities" That the AI Computer Sends you To, Flighting for Survival, The Main Goals are you Hack into Important Computers in the Cyber City to Get Out, After you Do get out, The Computer Grant's you acsess To leave, On one Toll, You Must Do what Mission's He Wants you to Sucess in, Leading to the Last Mission


That Is Basicly the Last of the Major Gang's, There are also Other Gang's you Can Join if you Want, Leading to Mini-Missions, Mostly Unlocking More Car's and Weapons


Here are some of Them



Mini Gang One: Trubu's

Leader: Jack Nileson


This Mini Gang Is a Selection After you are done the Hi-Hat's Missions, This Gang Is mostly on Weapons Trade, You Recive a Message 2 Times a Week in the Game about a Weapons Ship Arriving in the City, You must make your way to it to Suceed, You do have a Time Limit tho, You must get at Least 4 Containers in 10:00 Real Minuites, But These Container's Arent Easy to Retrive...


Mini Gang Two: CLiEnt

Leader: Alex Jacobson


This Mini Gang can be Unlocked After Finishing the Agent's Missions... This Small Gang is Usally Turf War's and Drug Deal's, This Gang only has 3 Hard Mission's, Once Completed all, You Unlock 20 Unknown Car's....



Well, Whoa, That Took me Along Time. Anyways What do you Think? Have any Other Idea's On What to Do??? mercie_blink.gif




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