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Is there still going to be cheat codes?


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I was just wondering if there is still going to be cheat codes. I never used to be a huge GTA player in the past but the one thing I did remember is spawning a tank in front of me and going on a rampage. If there is, will it effect the acheivement point system on the 360? Thanks! P.S. I'm not actually planning to use cheats until I beat the story...

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yes there will be cheats still....some interesting ones too but we don't know them yet. Im not planning on using the cheats until i beat the story either sarcasm.gifwink.gif

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Im not being mean to you but dont every game got cheats?

Posted on Ganton Ave. Slangin Rocks.

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of course there will be cheats. i will use them only when i'm in trouble or when i'm roaming around not doing a mission

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