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Sweet, hadn't seen this yet - will keep my eyes peeled tonight.


Thanks for posting. icon14.gif

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Some things I see in the trailer are when you see Niko on the phone in with the helicopter, look at all the stuff that swirls in the air.

In the next scene, where he hangs the phone up, you can see the ped with a mowhawk, and the other ped look at the staircase, and then the one you can still see with the mowhawk, starts to run, like he has seen something disturbing.

Where you see the car blow up in the same shot with the Napster-type neon sign (Pirate Music is the name of the store btw), you can see the gastank on fire above the rear wheel, just before it explodes.

I also noticed that at least one of the firemen has an oxygen tank on his back, and wonder if we could shoot it with a bullet, and cause it to explode?

I also wonder if the bowling lanes would be slippery, like in real life? If so, I will be fun pushing bowlers onto the lanes, and watch them struggle to get back, in an attempt to start a fight with you.

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Has it been mentioned that when Niko hangs up the phone he grits his teeth in anger?

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Has it been mentioned that when Niko hangs up the phone he grits his teeth in anger?

I think everyone noticed it...

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can anyone figure out what the car is that niko steals at the end, looks like maybe a ferrari rip off f430?

if so...new favorite car

It's an Aston Martin Vanquish. Great car wink.gif


Here you go


i would have to disagree u, they already have a aston type looking car that has been seen in the fourth trailer and diletante video. this one is clearly different and i doubt they would make to astons. Its definitely mostly a ferrari rip off since it has the two dual circle braking lights in the back, also it cannot be a f430 because this car is clearly a front engine unlike the mid engine f430. i also noticed that it had an extra seats in the back that are insignigicant the only car that i can think that can meet this front engine 2+2 criteria while being a modern ferrari is the 612 scagelliti. But i think the scagelliti is a lil too big and ht next best thing is the 599 gtb fiorano which has a much more similar shape and size. And while the rear bumper and taillights resemble the f430 for sure. But u most take in consideration that R* isnt goin to make a replica because its too difficult even if they got the license to, so they took bits and pieces of ferrari. Also, the headlights seem quite ambigious to me and look like something R* just pulled out of their ass. i also think the car is the last car in this line up shown in the race section on the muliplayer part of the official site, the one before it is clearly the aston



and i dont think R* would make an aston and jaguar Xk when they are pretty much the exact same car underneath the sheetmetal and so many ways.

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