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Clam colours


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I need to select colours that are calm and don't irritate the eye. But, it must look good. It must a dark gradient. What are my options.



user posted image


It also looks too artificial, what do I do?

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Try a dark purple, or a green on the left; that pink is much too hot for a background color. I would even consider fading between shades of blue, or blue and white, simply because blue is a good background color, and, along with white, is a color one thinks of when they think of snowboarding (those brilliant blue skies in snowboarding videos).


The boards don't look too artificial to me me. Perhaps you could give them the little holes for attaching the bindings, but other than that, I think they're fine.

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It also looks too artificial, what do I do?

The only thing i could think would be to lower the opacity a little bit. just mess with layer styles. it will be trial and error

the designs look good though. As for the background i would try experimenting with what ILovePolarBears said

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