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Question to the Mods/Admins.


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I extracted radio stations from GTA SA, but as it’s already well knows everything is split into small sections to make it random. I know file sharing is not permitted on GTAF, that’s why I want to ask here first. I was wondering if I can post a request here on GTAF for someone to mix and match them all for me. I mean match all DJ’s intros and outros, add random advertisements so that I can listen to radio stations just like in game, but on my PC without playing the actual game. Maybe such complete version already exits and freely available on of the GTA fan sites. I understand I can’t expect for an exception here, but if I can’t post such request, maybe I can at least be able to get some advice.


I don’t’ think I would be able to do it myself, since I wouldn’t even know where to start. I already have the soundtrack, but I actually want to have the experience of listening to the radio stations, since I find DJs’ comments and advertisement very funny and entertaining. If none of that is possible then I guess a simple “No” and lock would be appropriate for this topic.

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Since we have been asked directly by Rockstar not to encourage or permit the extraction of the soundtrack via the software you speaking of, it would not be possible for us to allow you to do such a request, as that would be a violation of our rules.


Short answer; No.

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