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GTA facts (taken from multiple mags)

Probono Giggalo

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Probono Giggalo

ok its a little long, and some facts repeat, but alot of info. (also some info is from last year so may be dated and wrong, i.e the map size stated by play mag)

EDIT: some of this info contains spoilers....

May 24th: InsideGamer (Playstation3) GTA IV Review

-People will remember you for what you've done in the past, eg. say you shoot someone a person would remember you later in the game and scream and run from you

-Rockstar say they will only reveal 30% of the game before release, 70% you'll have to discover yourself.


May 28th: Official Xbox Magazine (US) - GTA IV Preview

-When approaching parked cars from the trunk, an indication in the left of screen prompted to press 'LB' (360 version) in order to open the car's boot



June: Playstaion 3 Unlimited Magazine (Issue 10)

-There are about 4 different camera views, which one is a fisrt-person view along the car bonnet

-The envioronment when drivng cars is affected

-The movements of Niko are affected in the different ways he his doing stuff, the mag mentios when he he walking up a hill, his feet are attached to the ground and the weight is also affected

-The city will be affected of the time of the day

-"Don't expect the more fantastical elements of past titles, such as jetpacks, bikes and so on" (Taken from mag)


June: Official Playstion 2 Magazine

-Niko is aged between 35-40 yrs old

-The title shows Guns, Trafficking and the American Dream, to show GTA at the start of the capital words

-They say that detail is really good and animation is shown in pshyics instead of animation cut-scenes

-"Hotdog vendors bark and bums hang out in alleyways, warming their hands on trash burning in oil"

-"Bollards poke out from the earth at wonky angles and theres rubbish everywhere"

"-In previous GTA's driving from one end of a city to the other rarley takes more than 10 or 15 minutes, to get from one side of the new and improved Liberty City to the other will take you at least an hour" (Taken from mag)

-Theres a full transportation system, Buses, trains and a subway system

-"GTA is not another rags-to-riches storyline"

-It is possible to cruise down streets as slow moving traffic will happen less often


June: Xbox 360 Gamer Magazine UK

-The GTA IV demo starts in Broker

-Roman's Taxi Depot is in Broker, inside the main office is a Telephone, Desk, and a Radio blaring out ethnic music and the paint on the wall is chipped

-The camera view can be changed from left-to-right and tilted up and down, and Niko leans to the left in a very naturallistic way

-One pedestrian shouts "I don't see a guide dog!"

and another pedestrian is heard yelling abuse down the receiver of a nearby payphone

-There are hobos hanging out and keeping warm around a fire drum

-The dockside area is called Boabo

-You can leave the ingnition turned on , so that when you leave the car the radio continues playing


July: Xbox 360 World Magazine UK

-Broker is the tough district and feels run-down and oppressive

-GTA Sense of Humour remains

-The Kitchens inside buildings are dirty

-Graffiti is scrawled across the city's walls

-More consequences to everything you do in the game

-Building relationships will be vital in the game


July: PSM July Issue

-You can land helicopters on almost every building

-Rockstar will be naming streets in the game

-The GTA IV Demo had a soundtrack of old rock and East Coast Rap.


July: OPM Dutch (added 04 June)

-The game will be totally different, IV will be much darker, grubbier, and much more detailed than the previous games.

-R* wants to bring visuals and gameplay to a whole new level.

-Breaking a window of a car to get in will be 'just one of the many new animations of the game'.

-While driving, the camera is placed very close behind a car.

-The reflections and damage models of cars (they drove a red Cadillac, or probably, knowing R*, a look-alike) are made very nice and realistic.

-GTA IV will have a much better multiplayer mode than previous GTA's.

-It's an honour that leaves no self-respecting game-journalist without a faster heart rate. Being the first in the Benelux to see GTA IV running is no small thing. When the internet almost burst out of its own skin recently because the teaser trailer for the game was released, it was only proven once more that this franchise is treated like royalty by its fanbase.

-GTA IV is without a doubt the most anticipated next-gen game en is on top of the wishlists of literally millions of gamers. Therefore, it is only natural we can't help but feel excited when we step into the elevator of a trendy New York hotel with several Rockstar-reps. As the developer deserves, only the best is enough and we get our demonstration in the penthouse: a stylish room, made almost entirely out of glass, with a breathtaking view of Manhattan. A night's stay in here will set you back a few thousand euros.

-GTA IV should be a unique experience. "We haven't shut ourselves off from the world, and of course there are noticeable influences, but GTA IV will be a lot more original than its predecessors. The trailer doesn't contain the sentence 'Things will be different' for no reason. We're planning to keep that promise." How Rockstar plans to accomplish this exactly in not yet clear at the moment, but more things will come out in the following months and this first look is merely the shot of a starter pistol.


July: GameMaster Magazine

-Drawing a gun will see crowds scatter

-Grass grows through the concrete paving stones

-You're not going to feel good 'accidentally' running over pedestrians anymore

-Niko wears vinyl shoes

-Mobile phone allows you to co-ordinate with other characters to tackle problems

-The last page shows shots of what they did in the demo, first it starts with a picture with Niko and the 'Cher Kov' building (seen before) and under neath its says they start of at Romans Taxi Depot, so does this mean the 'Cher KoV' building is Romans Taxi depot (Seems kinda speculative to me)

Then after it shows another shot off the brownstone houses and it says Niko enters a house to pick up a gun


PLAY Magazine Issue 154

-Broken Beer Bottles and Trash litter the floor

-There will be a sizeable amount of loading at the beginning of the game so that the game will never load again

-Rockstar North is currently working to implement something new based on the radio system.

-Changing Niko's clothes is confirmed

-Property Ladder aspects from Vice City and San Andreas DENIED in GTA IV

-GTA IV map is confirmed to be the same size as San Andreas and probably slightly bigger

-Rampages, Unique Jumps and Rhinos MIGHT be cut from the game

-Four different ways of jacking a vehicle

-Gangs are CONFIRMED for the game.

-The HUD was a streamlined version which just displays the area of the city you are in (for a second or two) and the weapons you are holding



(added Friday 13 July)

-McReary is a corrupt cop, like Officer Tenpenny in San Andreas

-The arms dealer called Little Jacob is a good friend of Niko's cousin, Roman

Rotterdam Hill is in Alderney

-The first mission in the demo was called "Call and Collect"

-There are no arrowheads to guide you in the game

-The HUD has been streamlined to only a few displays.

-The map remains, sensibly, as does the wanted level and the money

But visuals on the map in the demo are reduced to mere blips in the top corner of the impressive display

-The new wanted level system system starts with the map flashing wit hcircles of blue and red.

-The wanted level system has been completely revamped from the previous games, It's now based on vision, with each circle representing the line of sight of the police chase.

-The wanted level system has six levels as in previous games.

-Pedestrians drink while out on streets.

-The increased difficulty of the game could alienate some of the fans.

-When you kill Goldberg, there are at least two possible cutscenes, the first saw Goldberg crumpled down onto the floor and the second saw Goldberg fall out of the window. You exit Goldberg's Office and there are three security guards blocking your way.

-You can hug the wall like in Metal Gear Solid to cover yourself from fire.

-You can also strafe, which is helpful when you take on the police.

-If you escape the building, it's mission complete.

-Rockstar has added bodily damage to the proceedings, with certain actions triggerings different reactionary deaths.

Game Example 1: Shoot a security guard in the foot at the top of the stairs and he will come tumblings down the stairs.

Game Example 2: Shoot Goldberg, the lawyer, with a shotgun in front of a window and he'll meet his end on the streets below as he tumbles out.

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Probono Giggalo


(added Friday 13 July)

-Like San Andreas, eating and sleeping are used to recharge health, but the classic health pickups are no longer littered throughout the city.

-Confirms Niko is a Russian immigrant.

Targeting controls have been tweaked, now providing the ability to use any object as cover and blind-fire over and around obstacles.

-Hot-wiring vehicles isn't an instant thing any more - it takes precious time to smash the window and nab the car.

-While the soundtrack is being kept relatively secret, the ambient noises are spectacular, with realistic weapon noises and bleeping horns on the busier streets.

-No loading times once you're into the game.

-Each street is individually named.

-Vehicles models are amazingly detailed, even absorbing bullet holes, and character models are equally impressive with lip syncing and facial expressions in cut-scenes perfect.

-Many paragraphs on the beauty of the graphics and the new wanted level system, the use of Internet and mobile phone as a major method of communicating with NPCs, attention to visual detail, etc.



-We find out that McReary's first name is Francis, and that he knows about a felony Niko committed. It also mentions that McReary has a moustache

-The weapons on offer by Little Jacob included a 9mm, a shotgun, an SMG, and a micro SMG.

-Before Niko submitted his cv/résumé to the Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster website, OXM got a quick glimpse of his work history and qualifications. It notes that Niko was on the "Balkan Peace Force," and that he is procificent in swimming, shooting and boxing (it also says later in the preview that you are able to swim to the Statue of Happiness, or get a boat there.)

-Niko steals a black Comet before heading to the Humboldt River Viewpoint, to kill the man who stole McReary's memory stick.

-GTA IV will include a pool mini-game, and many other mini-games. "You'll play at least some of these while hanging out with NPCs like Little Jacob."

-Neither the 9/11 terrorist attacks nor Ground Zero will be referenced in any way in the game.

-The receptionist from Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster, who calls Niko to inform him about his interview, is called Karen.


Games Aktuell (German) Games Magazine

-There will be no Ammu Nation shops anymore.

-The girl with the lollipop is called Lola. It seems that she is a prostitute, but no further information is given about her.

-The man in artwork seen a while back from an Italian Magazine is Little Jacob, which is known as a arms dealer

-If you take a cab you can mark any point on the map in order to arrive there. There are even special options: If you have have hunger, you will be driven to the next fast food restaurant. If you're hurt you'll be driven to the hospital.

-If the police searches you, you won't find a cab that will transport you.

-The camera is now positioned lower and more left when you sit in a car. According to Rockstar this gives a more realistic feeling. But there are still different camera settings.

-If you're in a mission, the map not only shows a symbol, but even a line with the best route.

-You can walk, run or sprint. But after a while you get exhausted.

-In the mission where you have to kill the Lawyer Mr. Goldberg there is a dialogue between him and Niko (after Niko pulled out his gun). Goldberg says: "I don't fear guns. You know, guns don't kill people - Videogames kill people."

-The following shootout with the police is one of the best ever in a GTA-game according to the magazine. You have to cover and shoot while things fly through the room from the bullets. One policeman even fell down the escalator when they shoot him in the knee.


PlayStation Magazine - US

(added Wednesday 25th July)

-Every Building is pocked-marked with the scars of modern living.

Graffiti stains walls, billboards and the back of filth splotched vans feature in the game.

-on Niko's resume you can see that he served with the Balkan Peace Force and proficiency in swimming, shooting, and boxing.

-The contacts that you kill to obtain the USB Drive are situated at the Humboldt River Viewpoint.

-You can play pool/billiards.

-Headshots actually kill people this time.

-HUD contains health bar that goes around the map

-There are customizable sniper rifles.

-You can "blind fire" while taking cover

-Most key gameplay aspects won't be revealed before the release.

-The health bar is a thin green band, placed around the mini-map HUD.

-Pool mini-game to make a return.

-The reporters saw Niko using a couple of different pisols, an Uzi and Little Jacob's trunk had a few rifles, including Sniper options and others.


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A lot of stuff I already knew, good amount I didn't.


I was looking for something like this. Thank you.

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"Neither the 9/11 terrorist attacks nor Ground Zero will be referenced in any way in the game."


Didn't it say in one of the previews the reason you couldn't get to the other islands when the game starts is because of terroist threats?

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"Neither the 9/11 terrorist attacks nor Ground Zero will be referenced in any way in the game."


Didn't it say in one of the previews the reason you couldn't get to the other islands when the game starts is because of terroist threats?

Yeah, but not 9/11 related terrorist threats.

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Probono Giggalo

i think your getting the context wrong. its the "9/11 terrorist attacks" not "9/11 or terrorist attacks"

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"-Confirms Niko is a Russian immigrant."



So I guess hes Russian? Didn't they say he has no country or is this really confirmed?

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"Neither the 9/11 terrorist attacks nor Ground Zero will be referenced in any way in the game."


Didn't it say in one of the previews the reason you couldn't get to the other islands when the game starts is because of terroist threats?

yea that doesn't necessarily point fingers at the 9/11 terrorists thought...

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"Niko wears vinyl shoes"



I thought he had to wear suits to go to job interviews and stuff. I mean he'll wear the same shoes walking around through garbage as going to a job interview?Wtf?

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SSSSSPPPOOOOOIIIIIIILLLLLLEEEEEERRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cry.gifnervous.gifcry.gifnervous.gifcry.gif


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"Niko wears vinyl shoes"



I thought he had to wear suits to go to job interviews and stuff. I mean he'll wear the same shoes walking around through garbage as going to a job interview?Wtf?

Nah you can change the shoes. Would be retarded of them to be able to change cloths and keep the same raggy shoes on.

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SSSSSPPPOOOOOIIIIIIILLLLLLEEEEEERRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cry.gifnervous.gifcry.gifnervous.gifcry.gif

haha I can imagine someone on their knees with their hands held high while screaming that


good read cookie.gif

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SSSSSPPPOOOOOIIIIIIILLLLLLEEEEEERRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cry.gif  nervous.gif  cry.gif  nervous.gif  cry.gif


Yes, yes you are.


Thanks for the post OP - I didn't read the entire thing, but I will tomorrow.


Edited to add: OK, I just read all of it- excellent culling; and customizable sniper rifles? Just call me campy then!

Edited by RONIN1191
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