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Grand Theft Auto IV Strategy Guide

As Wicked

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Thinking od preordering this from GAME etc but not quite sure if its gonna be any use.


Does it have anything usefull in it like a detailed map or a phonebook or something?

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It will probably have this type of stuff:


Cars List

Weapons List

All Pickups (hidden packages etc)

A button cheats list

And how to complete each mission


And Maps. In more detail than the one you get in the game case.

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Ewww, Hate these stuff, spoils the fun of not knowing what comes next..

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Niko-Claude Vercetti

Ill pick up the guide but in a few months time just to find any stuff I have missed while playing a few months.


I think its better to play till you cant go any further then use em to help you 100% the game

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