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GTA Characters War!


Recommended Posts

  • 2 weeks later...


I'll vote for Cortez, cool location where he lives, not a bitter dumb-ass like Donald Love. I really hate Love, I dunno but his missions, his bitting and the way he talks pisses me off in GTA3. Cortez has a cool ship and I like the party he ran, plus he links to many big players of VC.


Donald 2-1 Cortez


EDIT: Claude makes an appearance on other GTA game as well (San Andreas). Just like Vic and Toni appear both on VC and III.

Nice job.







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Edited by 52735
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Zedo Mann

I think Jethro looks cooler from when I saw them in San Andreas.


Jethro 4-3

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I change my mind, I pick Jethro.


Jethro won.


Asuka Kasen VS Catalina

who's more brutal?

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Zedo Mann

Catalina, she caused CJ to be in pain.

Asuka only tied up Maria and other fun things.


Catalina 1-0

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Asuka's isn't a Leader of the Yakuza, she's in a high ranking because of her torture skills

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  • 2 weeks later...

I liked Asuka's character better, even though they were both had power and were in influential positions. I feel kinda sorry, however, that Asuka never found out that Claude had really killed her brother, and that the Colombians were just framed. She died under that impression... it's a bit sad.


Catalina 2, Asuka 1

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  • 2 months later...

imo catalina is more badass than alot of the guys. she scares people. asuka is good to.

cat=4 asuka=1

we should keep this alive.

how about toni cipriani vs vic vance?

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Zedo Mann

Toni Cipriani because I didn't want to be acquainted with what my brains look like.


Toni 1

Vic 0

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Toni 2-0. loyal, high ranking leone family member. plus he was a made man by the time he started helping donald love with his campaign . Oh and he practically single handedly killed the yakuza leader.

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Catalina, no one f*cks with her sly.gif


Actually, CJ did xD

Also Claude f*cked her, literally and figuratively.

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Toreno vs Toni?

I pick Toreno. "I could've killed you in nine different ways". - Mike Toreno


Toreno 1-0

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very Effortable post about GTA Characters War.OG Loc is actually a "gangster"...well sorta lol. He thinks he is. Both OG Loc and The Truth are supposed to be funny characters. I'm not sure about a fist fight or gunfight, but for comedy I'd definitely choose The Truth.


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Well, in personality, i would pick Truth, because he doesn't betray you.

But otherwise:

OG Loc isn't afraid to drive or get into a fight.

Truth - Fear of driving kicked back in, and he's a hippie.


But my vote goes to The Truth!

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El Cabron

The characters are unforgettable: (












big character phil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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