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ps3 online help

joe black

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i live in Australia and have a speadstream Siemens 6542 i think or 6540.. every internet tutorial i try fails? i make the server ports and change my ps3 settings?????

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I don't bother with online for my PS3. I'm getting it in a couple of days for my Xbox 360, though.

EDIT, as for your problem, It's the internet. There HAS to be a tutorial somewhere, right?

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Best thing to do is to find out which ports your game uses (google is your friend) and then have these ports forwarded. For the later, get a copy of your router's manual (if you don't have a hard copy, again, remember google) and look up port forwarding.

Prior to filing a bug against any of my code, please consider this response to common concerns.

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I have no idea how I did it, But I went from NAT3 to NAT2, open up your router and open your PS from there.


Ill move this to PC / Tech chat


Also as said above, portforward.com


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more detailed

type 2 doesn't work at all every tutorial i try fails i have a siemens speedstream 6520. i follow all of the instructions and it still doesn't work?




i have a 60 gig ps3, and i get receive about 60% of the signal.


the router is a speedstream siemens 6520 and we are with bigpond and have unlimited downloading.



help plz>

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