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I wonder if Niko(you) can be able to decide whether or not he likes/dislikes a person. In previous GTA titles, they just put you in a mission without agreeing or anything. Like the storyline can be so elaborate like going down Road A or Road B then from either A or B go to C or D. I know it sound complicated but let me know if you get what im saying and your opinions (Not criticism of me) on this topic.

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I doubt the player will be able to make a million choices that can all differently impact the way the story progresses. In the interviews with IGN, Houser seemed to downplay the ability to "create your own path". There will certainly be times when you can choose what you want to do - Roman may call you during a date to ask for your help and what you do next will impact the story as well as relationships. But don't expect to be able to change the ending of the game.

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