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Wang Cars ?

Ghost glendale fan 4 live

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There are eight special cars around the Residential District. They are GTA1s, cars which don't appear on freeroam, and they have numbers on top of them, from 1 to 8. You must get in all eight Wang Cars in order to unlock the Wang Car Bonus: a Fire Truck (with a flamethrower instead of a water cannon), a Tank, an Armed Land Roamer, a Special Agent Car (with vehicle machine guns) and four Furore GTs (with mines and oil), which appear in a courtyard in Arbo, the same one to which you are teleported where you get in one of the Wang Cars. The cars disappear when you save and reload, but you can get them back by getting again in one of the Wang Cars.

user posted image

The orange circles show the Wang Cars locations.

1-Use some stairs to get to the top of a crate. From there you can reach the passage which leads to the car by jumping on the crates.

2-Head east of the red Redneck phone with a fast car and you'll see a ramp, hit it and you'll land on a small island with the car.

3-Same as 2, but the ramp is on Belmont, next to the prison.

4-Go the tunnel which goes around south Stromberg, there is a hidden passage leading to the car on the south wall.

5-Go to the shopping mall, you can use some stairs to get to the mall roof, then go around some platforms to get to the roof of a near building.

6-Go to the walkway which goes over the RV Mobile Park, you can enter it from the Village although it has another entrance at Guntersville. When, entering from Guntersville, go through Xenoton and then get back to Redneck territory, you'll see a hole on the part, traverse it to get the car (there is also a token there).

7-Go to the same walkway with a fast car. You'll see a ramp in the Xenoton part, hit it and you'll land on a roof with the car.

8-Go to the street which goes west of the Army Base. There is a hidden passage on the wall under the elevated road, it leads to the car.

I think lots of people can explain it better than me.

Edited by chapapote
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Ghost glendale fan 4 live

Thank you very much for explaining this for me now I understand this Wang Car stuff.... biggrin.gif

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