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Where can i find (for cars)


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There's a couple of topics that should/will help you find the remaining vehicles on that list.


Sunshine Autos Guide - In depth guide on the races as well as the vehicle lists.


SSA Guide & Locations - More detailed on parked locations of the vehicles needed to complete the lists.

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where is the lighthouse ?

P.S I found it smile.gif

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Caddy: inside the Golf Club, you can drive out of the club with a raised platform

Mr Whoopee: in front of Cherry Poppers

Bagage: Airport, when entering, go look for it around the planes or the side of the Airport building

Pizza boy: behind the Well Stacked pizza place on the same island you are on where the hatians hang out (not so far from the cab company)

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The Kirbster

Baggage (Handler): Found parked at various points behind the Escobar Airport main terminal


Caddy: In the bushes near the lighthouse (be careful that you don't get busted)


Pizza Boy: Behind/beside all of the Well Stacked Pizza Co. in Vice City. (Vice Point, Downtown, Little Haiti)


Mr. Whoopee: Buy the Cherry Popper's Ice Cream Factory and it will spawn inside the factory



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can't you get mr. whoopie during the firefighter missions?

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I've never seen it spawn during firefighter in VC... not to say it won't.


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