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cant add wheels in mod garage


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so i added a downloaded car to san an, and when i got to put custom wheels on in a mod garage, the option for wheels isnt there. what do i need to change in order to put wheels on it?

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Very bad english confused.gif




these are the wheels in sa


0, wheel_gn1, wheel_gn2, wheel_gn3, wheel_gn4, wheel_gn5, wheel_sr3, wheel_sr4, wheel_lr3, wheel_lr4, wheel_or1

1, wheel_sr1, wheel_sr2, wheel_sr3, wheel_sr4, wheel_sr5, wheel_sr6, wheel_lr1, wheel_lr2, wheel_gn1, wheel_gn2

2, wheel_lr1, wheel_lr2, wheel_lr3, wheel_lr4, wheel_lr5, wheel_sr1, wheel_sr2, wheel_gn4, wheel_gn5


vehicles.ide is the file to edit, search for the string under ur replaced car, ex: if u replaced club then -1 means no wheel and positive means wheel I think sarcasm.gif

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It's the last digit in the vehicles.ide you'll be looking for. it's probably flagged -1 right now. As stated above, 0 will be the value for transfenders, 1 for Wheel Arch Angels, 2 for Loco Low Co.

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ok thanks! i had one of those 'i know i've seen that before' moments and it was killing me, but yes that makes sense thanks

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