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Locking my topic because?


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WTF? This is general chat (off topic) I didn't think it would be breaking the rules posting a youtube link I found funny. So I get my thread locked because I didn't know to post it in the "Youtube Topic"


I wouldn't even wanna post a thread in a topic that has like a thousand pages thats pretty lame. So I guess everyone on this forum that posts any kind of youtube link in any section should post it in

"The Youtube Topic"


Maybe GTA could just make a Youtube section instead of like making a sticky/topic with a thousand pages getting bumped over and over

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If we let people post you YT threads all over the place, Gen chat would be Youtube. So its better for everyone if we keep all YT posts in once place.


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I wasn't the one to lock it, but I gotta say, I prefer it when all YouTube vids are posted in the one topic, as that just means there's only one sh*tty topic for me to avoid (oh, that, and the Random Animated GFX topic). biggrin.gif

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