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IPL Problem

Mister X

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Hello boys biggrin.gif ....


I was thinking about objects that, even once removed, if installed reappear on another SA angry.gif ...


I was wondering, besides a solution, which hardly find a strange fact: None of this happens if gets back up the whole folder maps confused.gif ...


How explain why? (Or any alternative solution to this problem to say the least annoying sad.gif )


I have been advised to work on. IPL not in the game, but this time I need to remove certain items "original" of the game and I can not do without delete that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif ...




You give me a hand? dontgetit.gif

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I'm not sure I understand the problem. Which objects are giving you trouble? What possible solutions have you attempted?

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I was thinking about objects that, even once removed, if installed reappear on another SA

cry.gif what you installed, can you explain your problem in steps ??

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My problem is simple (i think biggrin.gif )


With the MeD,I delete an object (Alredy present in SA,not insert by me) in a ipl...


I save the changes...


But when you re-insert than file IPL in another SA,The object that I had deleted is still present,again....


But I have noticed that if you back up all folder maps, this does not happen... why?

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Okay... I'm still not sure what you are trying to do. More specific information might lead to a specific solution. In the meantime, here are a few general concepts on objects. (Keep in mind that my understanding of objects is still fairly limited.)


There are about 70 to 75 objects that are stored in the save file. These objects tend to be added or removed as the game progresses, or they move or change position; doors, gates, cranes, etc. Mission coding is the easiest way to control these objects. Objects added, removed, or altered in the save file will persist when the save is transfered to other computers.


Many objects are defined in text IPL files. I suspect this is most of what you are working on. Any changes to the objects defined in the text IPL files will be applied to all saved games (new and old) on that computer. If you want to share your modifications you will need to share the modified IPL files in your map folder. Sharing the save file is not necessary for this type of modification.


And then there are Binary IPL files. I'm still unfamiliar with the contents of these files, but I'm sure at least some objects are defined there. The binary IPLs are contained in GTA3.IMG and... I'm not sure how to modify them properly. I suspect any changes to the binary IPLs in GTA3.IMG would be applied to all saves using that particular GTA3.IMG file - which is huge and difficult to share.


IPL Object Flags in the Save: In situations where they needed lots of objects to be turned on or off at the same time (the barriers to SF or LV, Truth's Crops, the pre-Yay Ka-Boom-Boom factory, and the floor of Smoke's Crack Palace) and remember by the save, they enable or disable a specific binary IPL file in GTA3.DAT. This probably won't make a difference for your project, but the object description would not be complete without it.

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