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I believe screensaver includes new screen shots.


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The official screen saver auto-updates so you might have to wait a little while to get the new screens. There are a lot of really really cool shots that I have not seen before. If this is not the case then I appologize and by all means lock this sucker up!


It can be downloaded off the official GTA4 website in the download section under screen savers. inlove.gif

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You should go through all of the shots on the official site and compare/contrast just to make sure. bored.gif


Remember: you may not have seen them before, but this isn't likely the case for the highly-attentive people on this forum.

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I went through the official site but there were a few I didnt recognize but I could be wrong. Also I wasnt sure if a few popped up elsewhere. But a few of them are really really cool (Niko shooting the driver of a car in the head while sitting in the passenger seat which sends glass flying all over the place)


10,000 appologies if I was wrong though! blush.gif


Remember it may take a while for the screensaver to update. It only comes with a few really old shots but eventually you get MANY cool shots that I did not recognize.

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